I'm Duncan Shirah, a sculptor, metal worker, and amateur engineer in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in designing and building interactive objects. I strive to produce work that is that is well crafted, engaging, and timelessly aesthetic.

A formal Sculpture education left me with a working knowledge in a wide range of production processes. Early on in my education I fell in love with interactivity. In pursuit of that quality in my work I focused on technical metal fabrication and precise woodworking to make moving parts and working systems.

After graduating I worked as a stone mason, tree climber, zoo babboo harvester, and haunted house stunt man before finding a position in the arts at Inferno Art Foundry. I worked there as a welder and mold maker, helping clients turn clay sculptures into cast bronze works of art. Outside work I used these skills to help run public iron pours and occasionaly made props and costumes for the film industry, learning to quickly pick up new techniques and adapt to work environments.

In my free time I helped start MASS Collective, a community workshop built to provide tools, education, and workspace to creative people across disciplines. I worked at MASS as a board member and project manager to develop workspaces and coordinate commissions from outside companies. In these roles and through the wealth of knowledge of the extremely talented members and fellow leaders I developed new skills like laser-cutting and electronics that have greatly contributed the precision and versatility of my work.

I remain involved with MASS Collective, Inferno Art Foundry, and local iron pours while focusing on sculptural commissions from the entertainment industry and other companies. I'm continually developing new skills and practices that lend versatility and quality to my work.