I'm Duncan Shirah, a sculptor living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in designing and building functional artwork, housewares, lighting and interactive public sculpture. I use industrial materials and processes to make forms that favor precision and simplicity. These sculptures often incorporate a natural, mathematical or social concept that gives the object meaning beyond it's aesthetics and function. With this work I hope to relate to our sense of place in the natural world and create an object that is used and loved by it's owner.



I also contribute to larger creative projects all over Atlanta. I've built flame tornadoes for Scoutmob's Halloween parties and vortex cannons for Atlanta's FLUX art festival. Throughout the year I help run public iron pours around the city. I made a coin-operated guillotine with local street artist Evereman. With MASS Collective I designed a data-driven light sculpture for HLN's headquarters in the CNN building. My skill-set straddles sculpture and invention which is a rarity in a world dominated by digital media. If you have an unique project or concept, I can help make it work.